What does Reality Church value?

Anticipated Acceptance – Friendship – “Pre-approved!”

Acceptance is something that should be anticipated. Jesus accepts us just as we are. Acceptance is the beginning of our connections together and is one of the things we offer everyone, regardless of any perceived differences.

Irresistible Love – Worship – “First Comes Love…”

True love is irresistible. Jesus loved us and we now live to love him and others. Love is the common language of all people, and we desire to love people without exceptions.

Intentional Growth – Growth – “It's Not Crap; It's Fertilizer!”

God takes the crap in our lives and makes something great out of it. This happens when we intentionally pursue Jesus. Jesus exposes the twisted in each of us, shows us how to grow, and gives us the power to have a new life. We grow when we intentionally work with Jesus to bring our lives and desires in line with his perfect reality.

Radical Service – Impact – “Get Off The Couch!”

Service is radical when it is genuine and costs something. Jesus served us by sacrificing everything. Service begins by seriously considering our lives, the shortness of them, and working to do something that matters. We pursue radical service because it is a tangible expression of God’s love.

Proactive Motion – Mission – “Let's Change The World!”

Talk is cheap but motion is real. Jesus came and traveled and went because he was passionate about his mission. Mission begins by recognizing needs and caring enough to do something about them. We go because we are passionate about advancing the message of Jesus anywhere we can.

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