Information about the special year end offering that will help fund the growth of Reality Church.

Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 “I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it." The way Jesus builds the church is through people. Reality Church has always shared God’s passion for the local church, and for it to be impactful.

Jesus has given us a special church. We are a pretty neat group of people that love Jesus and love one another. We have a desire to grow closer to God and share what we are experiencing.

You might be new to Reality Church or have been here for years. Either way, we are all a part of something special God is doing.

About a year ago, God gave us a new building. It was clearly from Him, and has helped us grow as a church family in many ways! We moved into this space in a very economical way. Yet there is so much more that we can do with this space to broaden and deepen the ministry God wants to do here.Would you consider praying about and giving so that together we can take the next steps in improving our building? Many of us have done this over the past 3 years and made it possible for us to be here. Thank you! So many of us are new, our church has almost doubled in size! Now might be your time to give sacrificially to make a way for the next wave of ministry to grow and be even more impactful. We have been meeting in teams and gathering vision and estimates on the cost to finish out many of our spaces. There is also a vision to expand and grow ministries at the church.

Would you consider giving into this special offering? The time frame of this special offering is focused around the end of the year. However, you could decide to give one or more times between now and year’s end or let us know of a commitment you have to give over the next 6-12 months.

Your giving will go toward the following areas:

Building fund

As our church continues to grow, more of our general fund will cover the lease payment. These funds will help bridge the gap.

Church Family Care

As our church has grown, so have the opportunities to serve members of our family with needs. We are excited about the possibility of helping with unique challenges. These funds will go toward benevolence needs within our church.

Lobby Environments & Hospitality

Our lobby is one of the most wonderful places for our church! It is where we welcome guests and relate together before and after church on Sunday. This is the place where our hearts begin to relax and open up for God. It is where we start new relationships, some that may even last a lifetime. It is where guests are welcomed and find out so much about who we are. It is where our hospitality shines. We are excited about having appropriate soft seating, installing a children’s check-in station as well as guest services area. We also are in need of additional funds to supply the coffee and snacks we enjoy on Sunday. It has doubled!

Community Outreach

God has used our church to connect with many people who didn’t have a connection to Him. This is so close to the heart of God, and we want to continue to do everything we can to connect people to Jesus. We have an opportunity to reach more of the 40,000+ people in our community that doesn’t have a church. These funds will help us do that by providing for better quality video equipment and capacity to go live with our services, run another session of Alpha, and signage to take advantage of the exposure we have in our new location.

Prayer Room & Adult Meeting Room Improvements

Prayer is one of the key foundations God uses to express His will. In addition, we are excited about providing warmer and more welcoming adult meeting rooms for our church family. This will include HVAC for the Sonroom, prayer room and multipurpose room decor and furniture.

Kids Ministry Environments

Our kids deserve the best. Children that grow up knowing Jesus have a much greater shot at following Him all through their life. We want the space for our kids to be awesome! We have some very functional space for kids, but they are in need of decor and furniture, as well as wall modifications to adjust for growth. We see a “warm” and exciting environment for our kids to be able to come to church and immediately have their hearts open to God.

Total Needed - $119,000

This is a big goal! God will put on our hearts what He desires fo us to give. Thank you for praying and asking God what your part is to be in this special offering. 

For more information on how to give, please see the Special Year End Offering Card included in this brochure.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike, Josh, or Joe.

Thank you,

Joe Castronova

Lead Pastor

[email protected]

Mike Mylin

Director of Finance

[email protected]

Josh Simmons

Assistant Pastor

[email protected]