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The people at Reality Church are interested in what is real, friendships, and making a difference in the community and world. Together, we love exploring who Jesus is, and see Jesus as a guy who was great to be with, wasn’t afraid to party or be serious, and was more concerned with loving people than he was in offending the ‘religious’. We’d love for you to come be our guest one time and see if this is your thing. Questions for us? Call or text 717-286-3287

Joe Castronova - Lead Pastor

Joe Castronova serves as Reality's Lead Pastor. You can find Joe traveling, hiking, and going to movies with his wife, JoEllen, daughters, Sarah and Emily, and son, Joseph. He loves great conversation, so give him a call anytime. Be sure to ask him about racing his ATV in Madison Square Garden when he was 12 years old!

Contact Joe - Email: [email protected]

"God's heart for us is more about where we are going then where we've been." - Joe Castronova

Calvin Hoffman - Worship and Youth Pastor

Calvin Hoffman serves as Reality's Pastor of Worship and Youth. You can always find a guitar in close proximity of Calvin... unless he's playing ice hockey. He and his wife, Jacqlene, are proud Pittsburgh Penguin fans. They also enjoy cooking together or pretending to be food critics at any local restaurant. They also cannot turn down a game of uno attack!

Contact Calvin - Email: [email protected]

"One of the greatest gifts in life is being a part of a body of believers who hunger to experience the love of God, share the love of God, and collectively love on God." - Calvin Hoffman

Josh Simmons - Assistant Pastor

Josh serves as the Assistant Pastor at Reality Church. He brings his sense of humor, creativity, and unique way of sharing God's word to all who are willing to listen. Josh and his wife, Nicki, enjoy game nights, watching movies, cheering for the Eagles and rooting against the Cowboys. The Simmons' favorite vacation spot? Florida, of course!

Contact Josh - Email: [email protected]

"God's in everything; you just have to look for Him." - Josh Simmons

Joette Peters - Director of Ministry

Joette serves as the Director of Ministry at Reality Church. She and her husband Dale are the proud parents of a son, a daughter, and grandkids whom they adore. When not entertaining or spending time with Family, Joette loves to hit the bike trails with Dale or go on a little getaway. Wanna know a surefire way to make her day--Daffodils!

Contact Joette - Email: [email protected]

"I have seen God's faithfulness time and time again. He reminds me always, "Be still and know that I am God." -Joette Peters

Amy Myers - Executive Assistant

Amy lives in Mississippi and serves the staff of Reality virtually. She’s married to a Worship Pastor, has three grown children, and four grandchildren. She enjoys reading, singing, and being with her family. Amy’s favorite thing is being at the beach with her Kindle and a Dr. Pepper!

Contact Amy - Email: [email protected]

Isaac Gutierrez - Director of Communications

Isaac serves as Reality’s Director of Communications. When he isn’t working on the social media for the church, you can find him at Lancaster Bible College on the Men’s Division 3 Soccer team. He loves to travel having been to over 5 different countries outside of the states! Also, his favorite music genre is Electronic Indie Pop.

Contact Isaac - Email: [email protected]

“We are just the lanterns, but He is the flame.” - Isaac Gutierrez