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Our First Love - July 19, 2022

Thoughts from Pastor Connor.

Jesus, Our First Love.

This Sunday, we were reminded of Jesus being our first love. Like I mentioned in the sermon, I hope you left feeling encouraged and convicted! 

Since Sunday, I’ve been thinking about one word from the Revelation 2 passage: "love." Love is something we all desperately want in this life, so much so that we go to great lengths and spend huge amounts of resources on the emotion of love. Weddings are a multi-million-dollar business and Valentine’s Day keeps Hallmark alive the other 364 days of the year! But our passage in Revelation 2 is not merely speaking about love as an overwhelming emotion. Love is not solely an emotion we have towards Jesus, although that is important, but referring to Jesus as our first love means Jesus is our priority. Jesus asks us to put Him before anything and anyone else. He even tells us that in comparison we should hate our mother and father compared to the love we have for Jesus!

Some days are harder than others to follow Jesus, but He is worth giving everything we have. Even when the emotion and passion isn't there, we must constantly put Jesus at the forefront of our mind. 

My encouragement for you this week is to have one prayer on your mind the rest of the week: "Lord, remind me of your love.” Repeat this prayer over and over in your mind. As you are brushing your teeth, leaving work, or even when you are working out at the gym. Watch as God reshapes your heart to desire Him even more.

Pastor connor mayes