We're open! Reality Church is open for in person gatherings for adults and kids! Join us at 9am or 11am!


Meet the leadership team at Reality Church

Meet the Team at Reality

Say hello to the Leadership Team! Each member of this team has a passion for pursuing reality and are committed to finding ways to help you engage with your community. Feel free to reach out to any of us for more information.

Joe Castronova

Joe Castronova serves as Lead Pastor at Reality Church and also serves as part of the Leadership Team. You can learn more about Pastor Joe on the Staff page.

Josh Simmons

Josh Simmons serves as the Kids and Discipleship Pastor at Reality Church and also serves as part of the Leadership Team. You can learn more about Pastor Josh on the Staff page.

Dale and Becka Shoener

Dale and Becka Shoener serve as part of the Leadership Team at Reality Church. They can be found vacationing in Williamsburg or Breckenridge, wine tasting, and chasing their precious granddaughter, Melissa. Dale works at HP and Becka at HACC. Becka serves as the Director of Ministry Development at Reality Church.

Lee Stoltzfus

Lee Stoltzfus serves as part of the Leadership Team. He can be found throughout almost any event going on within the church. He also is one of our appreciated ministry leaders. Lee serves Reality as the leader of the Elementary Kids Ministry.

Crystal Johns

Crystal Johns serves as the Director of Assimilation and she assists the pastors and ministry leaders as needed. She also oversees the Care Ministry and Cleaning Team. Crystal and her husband, Steve, are raising four active teenagers. They enjoying traveling and exploring as a family as they visit a new warm destination each year.

Mike Mylin

Mike Mylin serves as a member of the Leadership Team and as Director of Finances. With four kids spread out across Middle School, High School and College, it is a great season of life. 

Kara Martin

Kara Martin serves as a part of the Leadership Team. Kara leads the Preschool and Nursery ministry at Reality Church.

Patty Pasquino

Patty Pasquino serves Reality as one of the ministry leaders. As if being Pastor Joe's mother-in-law wasn't taxing enough, she has taken on a role so essential to the health of this church. Patty leads our Prayer Team here at the church. Patty is easy to spot, she's the one who's always smiling! You can email Patty and our Prayer Team with your prayer needs anytime.

Megan Kalbach

Megan Kalbach is one of our many ministry leaders at Reality. She serves the women of the church as the Leader of Women of Reality, which is--you guessed it--our Women's ministry! You've probably seen her out on the road in her stylin' pink Cadillac.

Chris and Erica Whitley

Chris and Erica Whitley serve this church in many ways. If you've ever been invited to anything as far as church events go, chances are it was by one of these two. They are Ministry Assistants here at Reality!

Lamar and Lisa Nolt

Lamar and Lisa Nolt both serve as ministry leaders at Reality! If you're a coffee lover and/or a bagel bite enthusiast, Lisa is your gal as she leads the Café team. Lamar is usually one of the first smiling faces and high-five-handshake combos you get when you walk in the auditorium; he serves as the leader of the Usher team.

Perry Gemmill

Perry Gemmill is another great ministry leader at Reality! He is kind of a do-all type guy, if you need something done, chances are he knows how to do it. Perry has been the Facilities Leader for a while now; this included overseeing the Portable Facilities Team at the school to now overseeing, organizing, and coordinating projects for the Building Transformation Team. Perry has played a major role in making the dreams of our own building a Reality.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams serves an essential role as a ministry leader at Reality! Mike is the leader of the Security team at church. He and his team do a great job at making sure we feel and are indeed safe at every gathering at Reality Church. Mike is easily identified as he always seen wearing either a Reality Security t-shirt or any New Orleans Saints paraphernalia.