Kid's COVID Guidelines

Kid's Ministry is back! Check out our guidelines regarding the reopening.

Reality Kids Ministry Guidelines for Re-Gathering


  • Elementary students grades K-4th will be meeting in their regular Elementary Room
  • Preschool children ages 3-5 years old will be meeting in their brand new room at the middle of the hallway
  • Nursery will now have two separate rooms; one room for crawlers and one room for infants but with the same check-in location.


  • Please do not bring children to church if they have experienced cold or flu-like symptoms within the last 24 hours. If a child is visibly ill, they will not be permitted to enter the Reality Kids rooms.
  • Kids’ check-in will be done by Reality Kids staff at select computers to keep touch screens safe.
  • When kids enter the classroom, the first thing they will do is go to the sink and wash their hands or use hand-sanitizer.
  • Children who need/use a pacifier must have it attachable with a clip to prevent it from getting into another child’s mouth.

Team Members

  • Team members will have their temperature checked upon arrival. Anyone with a temp of 100.4+ or other cold or flu-like symptoms will not be permitted to serve.
  • Hand washing should be observed after the following activities:
  • Before and after diapering
  • After using the restroom or assisting a child in using the restroom
  • After coming in contact with bodily fluid
  • After handling garbage
  • When diapering, use gloves and disinfect the changing table between each child.  
  • Toys that cannot be sanitized will be removed from the classrooms.
  • Bathrooms, door handles, chairs, tables, and other large or frequently-touched surfaces will be cleaned before and after services.
  • Team members will wear masks or visors when social distancing isn’t possible (which will be most of the time)

Protocol for Possible Exposure

  • If we discover a child has tested positive for Covid-19 within a week of attending Kids Ministry, we will contact all parents of kids who were in the classroom. The classroom volunteers will also be contacted regarding the potential exposure. The child’s identity will not be disclosed.
  • If your child has been exposed, we encourage you to attend Church from home for two Sundays.