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Ideal Family?

Family: We all experienced it differently. We all desire it to be better than our past.

Ideal Family?

We all have one.

Family: some of us grew up loving it, others not so much. We all desire our families to be better than our past. What should we shoot for, and how do we get there?

Feb 9 - Ideal? - Stay & Eat: Mac & Cheese

Have you ever wanted healthier and happier relationships, especially with those closest to you? Sometimes I feel like I try so hard but it feels like it doesn’t make any difference. Is there a better way?

Proverbs 3:5

Feb 16 - Source - Stay & Eat: Hot Dogs and Beans

Families come in all different shapes and sizes. But one thing we have in common is conflict. I haven’t always been the best at handling it. I tend to get angry or retreat and shut down. What if there is a way to deal with it, by getting at the source?

James 4:1-3

Feb 23 - Help? - Stay & Eat: Meat Balls

I’ve always wanted good relationships, especially with my wife and kids. But my challenge is I tend to want wonderful relationships my way. It hasn’t always worked very well. I’ve discovered a simple question that has really helped. (what can I do to help?)

Ephesians 5:21

March 1 - Echo

What we do speaks louder than our words. We’ve heard that before. But doing things we regret is so easy. Discover one secret that can lead you to do things you’ll want done by those you love.

Titus 2:7