From Pastor Joe

A letter from our pastor about Imagine Together

Dear Church Family

I hope this letter finds you doing well! I wanted to connect with you this way and share with you something very important that is coming up for our church family. Reality Church was started around four years ago with a vision from God to connect people to Jesus, make disciples, and plant churches. Our mission continues today as we look forward to a future of furthering the call God has given us. Like every move of God, there are people who grab hold of the vision and sacrifice for others so they can experience the many blessings we have from God now and for all of eternity. I want to ask you to begin to consider with God what your role might be for this upcoming season for our church. Here is what I mean…

Our church has had three different homes since we started, and each of them have served us well. When we moved from the Jay Group to Centerville Middle School 1.5 years ago, we knew it would be a temporary location. We are now preparing to move to our next facility, a place where more people can be introduced to Jesus. A place where all of us who are a part of Reality Church can gather to be equipped, grow and serve our community and world.

We are moving into a stewardship campaign that will help all of us understand the vision, the financial need for the future facility, and then prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment (over and above your ongoing tithes and offerings) to be given over the next three years. We hope to raise close to $1 million dollars to invest in a future facility that will become home for Reality Church. This facility will help us to be able to invest more in all of us and those who aren’t yet a part of our church family.

We are calling this stewardship campaign “Imagine Together”. You’ll begin to hear more about it in the coming weekends at church, as well as through email, social media, etc.

This will be an exciting time for us as a church! Thank you for seeking God about your involvement in this process for our future and for those who aren’t yet a part of our family.

Pastor Joe