We're back! Reality Church is opened it's doors back up on June 14th! Join us at 9am or 11am!


Where you are known and grown

Want to connect with some really cool people over the Summer?

Sign up today to be a part of our Summer Small Groups. 

What can I expect from joining a Summer Small Group?

Great question! These groups are geared around getting to know others in the Reality Church community in a fun, relaxing, summer vibes kind of way.

Where and how long will we meet? 

More great questions! Groups will meet at homes in and around the Hempfield community- by the pool, on the deck, in the yard or wherever space is abundant. They will meet either weekly, bi-weekly or once a month through August. 

How can I sign up? 

Simply click the link below, give is some basic info and we'll get you all set up.

We weren't created to do life alone. Being part of a small group means having people you can talk to, depend on, and explore God and his word with. Getting plugged in with a Small Group is a great place to start when looking to connect at Reality Church.