Our church-wide campaign to going deeper and growing closer with God in 2021

Rest. Seek. Live.

Do these three words characterize how you follow Jesus?

In Matthew 11:28 Jesus tells all who are weary and carry heavy burdens to come to him so that he can give them rest...a rest that comes from being connected to him. 

Why does Jesus make this offer available to us? It's actually quite simple. 

It's because WE CAN'T WITHOUT HIM. 

We can't live a life that lives up to the purpose, the calling, the opportunity that God gave us without JESUS.

When we Rest in Jesus we're connected to the strength we need.

When we Seek Jesus we're connecting to the one who lights our way.

When we live out of that connection we'll never be more alive.

What if we approached 2021 with these three words directing how we followed Jesus? Undoubtably, it would be our greatest year ever!

Here are just some of the ways we can live each word out in 2021…

Rest: Meditation, cutting back on activities, making more time for God, connecting to Jesus, making it a habit to pause to seek God before rushing into things, prayer, prioritizing times for solitude and silence, making time for rest and relaxation, etc.  

Seek: Reading God’s word, seeking counsel, talking with those you trust, reading books, gaining knowledge, etc, prayer, meditation, take notes on Sunday, etc. 

Live: Application, Living out of our resting and seeking God and his will- doing it, prayer, invite a friend to church, serve, give, doing something for someone else, being obedient to what God’s calling us to do, etc. 

There isn’t a particular order that needs to be followed. Sometimes the words will blend, sometimes you experience them on the go or at the same time. 

Bible Reading Plans

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