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Palm Sunday - April 10, 2022

Thoughts from Pastor Connor.

Palm Sunday

Hello Reality Church Family

Connor here!

This Sunday was awesome in so many ways. The way we were able to come together and sing Hosanna on Palm Sunday, so amazing! I loved being able to dive into Romans 5 with you. What an amazing series this has been. Romans is such a dense and rich book of the Bible. I hope this series has spurred you to take a look into Paul's letter to the church in Rome. I hope that you take the opportunity to take your time through this book. We can learn so much about God in every sentence of this scripture. I know sometimes it can be so hard to understand the Bible and ESPECIALLY Romans. With words like “sanctification” or big tongue twisters (check out Romans 7). Studying the Bible helps when you understand the context and so we are going to share the link below from the Bible project with you.

Bible Project Romans 5-16

We at Reality are big on spending time with the Lord through scripture, but also taking that word into our real lives. So here is my encouragement for the next week or so…

  1. Write out the graces of God in your life.
  2. - What are the gifts that God has given you that are worth thanking Him for?
  3. Have a conversation with someone about those gifts and why God is so amazing for giving you those gifts.
  4. If they are not a believer I want you to share with them your thankfulness of what God has done. If they are a believer I would like you to ask them what gifts of God they are thankful for.

These are just 3 things you can do this week. If you are in need of prayer or guidance to process this past weekend please let me know! I would love to have a conversation or send you to our amazing prayer team who will be glad to pray for you.

We get to celebrate the risen king this week and I can’t wait to worship alongside you this Sunday at Reality Church. He is worthy of all of our praises and let’s be thankful to our Heavenly Father for what He has done.

Blessings Reality Church,

Pastor Connor