Reality Church

Pursuing the Reality of Jesus.

Gathers Sundays at 10:30am and throughout the week in groups

We think true reality comes from God. Life in this world is temporary, but things of God are eternal, and eternal things are the truest Reality. Reality Church was started by an idea that we believe is from God – to start a church for people of all different backgrounds and perspectives who are searching for a place where the Reality of Jesus can be pursued in a real way.

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Scott Zimmerman

Scott Zimmerman

Worship Leader

Scott studied at Kingdom Ministry School, focusing on Active Christian Living. He is currently studying at Lancaster Bible College as a Worship/Performing Arts major. Some of his likes are to play hockey at Regency Sports Rink and also to play music for different churches/organizations, specifically their young adults and youth programs. He has a heart for community at Reality church and also LOVES to see when other churches UNITE together for a common help connect people to Jesus.

The Castronova Family

The Castronova Family

Lead Pastor

Leadership Team

The Castronova’s can be found hiking, on the soccer field, at piano recitals, watching the Giants or the Steelers, or out to eat. JoEllen is a full time ESL teacher in the Manheim Township School District, and Joe serves as Lead Pastor at Reality Church.

Josh Simmons

Josh Simmons

Assistant Pastor

The Simmons family enjoys game nights, watching movies and Florida vacations.They also enjoy cheering for the Eagles and routing against the Cowboys. Josh is the Assistant Pastor at Reality Church and feels called to bring his sense of humor, creativity and unique way of sharing God's word to all who are willing to listen.